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Poker Power Unit

Poker Power Unit
Poker Power Unit
  • Model: Poker Power Unit
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Mechanical Poker Drive System

A portable, robust and compact drive system designed for heavy site and rental use, providing effective air removal from concrete from a portable independent power source.
  • Robust and durable engine protection frame for added durability.
  • Fitted with speed limitation to prevent over- revving of engine and poker burn out.
  • Compact and portable, making it easy to transport.
  • Available with many with a range of petrol or diesel engines.
Ref Model
Engine Power
(Hp - kW)



165.9.038 Power Unit - Honda GX160 Petrol 4.9 - 3.6 2800 420 520 445 26
165.9.090 Power Unit - Loncin H135 Petrol 3.5 - 2.6 2800 420 520 445 24
165.9.034 Power Unit - Hatz 1B20 Diesel  4.6 - 3.4 2800 440 630 500 43
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