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Plettac assco Rapido Rolling Towers

The assco rapido mobile tower system meets all requirements for a state of the art independent scaffolding. Either craftsman, technician, scaffolding company or industrial company all will find an optimized solution for the daily working process. The assco rapido mobile towers may certainly be used in enclosed areas and in the open. They always provide safe access and comfortable working space in the required height.
  • Telescopic mobile beam
  • Ergonomic star handles
  • Rapid locking system
  • Clever assistance during the dismantling process
  • Flexible use
  • Quick erection and dismantling
  • Proven stability
  • Tough and durable

The versatile independent scaffolding for every application.Whether you need to work inside or outside, under ceilings or at walls, inside halls or under spheres, for installation or refurbishment purposes – the aluminium assco rapido mobile tower 4601 with a working platform being 0.75 m wide and 2.85 m long and a max. working height of 9.60 m in the open and 13.60 m inside closed areas will serve all demands for a professional independent tower.

Do you have to handle bulky equipment or do you need a wider working space?
The aluminium assco rapido mobile tower 4602 provides a working area of 1.50 m width and 2.85 m length.
The max. working height is 9.60 m in the open and 13.60 m inside closed areas. Using this type of scaffolding you will need
the mobile beam for working above 7.50 m only.
The heightadjustable castors are easily fit into the tubes of the ladder frames and secured by wing bolts.

The mobile scaffolding assco rapido 4606 is a flexible independent scaffolding with a folding mechanism and a working area
being 0.75 m wide and 1.80 m long.With lower assembled heights a fast transfer of the equipment from one working spot
to the next is easily possible.
The assembly time is reduced to a minimum due to the fact that the majority of braces and ledgers are an integral part of the folding unit. The max. working height in closed areas and in the open is approved to be
7.30 m.


Ref Description Working space Length of mobile beam, telescopic Max. Working height (In the open)

Max. Working height (In closed rooms)

4601 Assco rapido 4601 0,75m x 2,85m 2,28m - 3,22m 9,60m  13,60m
4602 Assco rapido 4602 1,50m x 2,85m 2,28m - 3,22m 9,60m 13,60m
4606 Assco rapido 4606 0,75m x 1,80m 1,80m 7,30m 7,30m


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