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Altrad Limex Garden 80

Altrad Limex Garden 80
Altrad Limex Garden 80
  • Model: Altrad Limex Garden 80
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Garden Wheelbarrow - one part frame 80

  • Bearings for the wheelbarrows are made from: polypropylene
  • Wheelbarrow handles are made from elastomer
  • Screws and connection elements are galvanized and harmonized with DIN standards
  • Axle of the wheelbarrow: light pulled bar, rolled thread, delivered on wheel or in montage set
  • Regular colour of the wheelbarrow: green RAL 6005, other colours as option, galvanized frame as option
  • PP rim colour: green RAL 6005 (red RAL 3020)
Ref Model Tray
Tray Type Tray
100301 Garden 80 80 Green Painted Steel - 9.3
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