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PCX 13/40E+

PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
PCX 13/40E+
  • Model: PCX 13/40E+
  • Weight: 89.00kg
  • Dimensions: 1,107.00mm x 400.00mm x 960.00mm
  • SKU: 123456789
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Heavyweight, professional, battery-powered combination compaction plate designed with an emission free, Li-ion battery powered motor for all your compaction requirements, indoor usage and poorly ventilated areas.

Produces low HAV values and matches the high-performance compaction of its petrol powered equivalent, but without the environmental impact... ...Building a Sustainable Future!

  • Fitted with a robust, highly efficient brushless Honda eGX motor
  • Lithium Ion battery, interchangeable with other Honda eGX powered Altrad Belle products.
  • Environmentally friendly, emission free for use indoors & in poorly ventilated areas such as basements and tunnels.
  • Low noise offers increased working hours and usage in noise restricted areas.
  • High performance 13kN vibration unit gives excellent travel speed and compaction force, reducing operating times.
  • Low operating HAV levels, gives more than 8hrs operator trigger time.
  • Foldable mounted guide handle offers superior manoeuvrability and can be lowered to operate under obstacles and close to form work.
  • Reinforced centrifugal clutch ensures longer belt life, and simplified belt adjustment.
  • Single switch operation makes starting the power unit easy. No choke or recoil start.
  • 3-speed selector, allowing slower speeds when working around obstacles.
  • No routine power unit maintenance eliminates servicing or costly downtime due to repairs. no blocked carburettors
  • Robust protective battery cover & steel sub frame. With integrated battery power level viewing window.
  • Lifting points and front lift cage offer easier loading and unloading for operator convenience.
  • Optional, large 9.5 litre water tank is built into the main frame for added protection.
  • The spray bar is fully protected from damage, easily positioned, with integral paving pad clamp points.
  • Angled holes on spray bar allow complete water coverage over the full width preventing any asphalt pick-up on plate bottom.
  • Life lubricated vibration bearings.
  • Block Paving Pad and Wheel Kit options also available.
  • Customer colour options available.
Plate Size
W x L


80% Battery
Time (mins)
100% Battery
Time (mins)
FC4050EPCX 13/40E+2.2 / 1.6400 x 606560101132020<2.53600 / 3000 / 2800507589
OPP/108/DIOeGX Battery
OPP/109/DIOeGX Battery Box 
eGX Battery Charger
OPP/111/DIOCharger Storage Box


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