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Hand Tamper

Hand Tamper
Hand Tamper
Hand Tamper
Hand Tamper
Hand Tamper
  • Model: Hand Tamper
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A manually-operated lightweight aluminium tamping beam designed for cost-effective levelling of concrete pads. The hand tamper requires two operatives to manually tamp and drag the concrete to the finished level.

  • Low cost option for levelling concrete.
  • Highly durable with no moving parts.
  • Waist-height handles to minimise operator effort.
  • Choice of beam lengths to suit application.
  • Lightweight design for ease of use.
  • Maintenance free design.
Ref Model
36.3.024 Hand Tamper Handles (Set of 2)
36.8.043 5.2m Single Beam (Pre-Drilled)
36.8.044 6.2m Single Beam (Pre-Drilled)
36.8.045 7.2m Single Beam (Pre-Drilled)
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