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BMD 300 Minidumper

BMD 300 Minidumper
BMD 300 Minidumper
BMD 300 Minidumper
BMD 300 Minidumper
BMD 300 Minidumper
  • Model: BMD 300 Minidumper
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Pedestrian, motorised, 4-wheel drive minidumper designed for loading and transporting with speed, greater flexibility and manouverability. It can accommodate all kind of loads, on any terrain, for various applications in construction as well as in landscaping and agricultural work.

  • Strong heavy duty design and tipping mechanism, the BMD 300 can easily handle loads of up to 300kg with ease of controls
  • Climbing ability of up to 20 degree inclines
  • 4 wheel drive mode and removable centre wheel for service
  • Ergonomic design and in combination with speed and large productivity, the product can allow a multitude of applications
  • Ideal for small spaces, its dimensions allow passage through doorways and in confined spaces
  • Easy to move around, when turning or working on slopes
  • Gearbox with 4 forward gears. Also equipped with reverse gear and disc brakes
  • 4 x Multipurpose tyres
  • Faster, more flexible than a track driven dumper
  • Quick changeover to flatbed mode
  • Loading ramp available as an option, foldable and easily transportable High grade components conforming to latest quality standards Designed to the latest European health and safety standards
  • User and service friendly, maximise operator productivity
  • Engine positioned to allow easy access and service.
  • The HONDA industrial engine GXV160 / 5.5Hp, conforms to the latest anti-pollution standards.
  • Equipped with parking disc brake for total operator security
  • Centre wheel engaging 4 wheel drive when loaded on rough terrain
  • The lower position of the skip permits fast tipping with no strain or operator fatigue.
  • Perfectly balanced when working with full load.
  • All 4 wheels are identically sized and easy to replace
  • Additional bearings to support axle and strengthening plate
  • Bottom protection plate to avoid damage by stones
  • Reduced maintenance
Ref Model
Fuel Tank
Max. Travel
Speed - Fwd
Max. Travel
Speed - Rev

Skip Capacity
- Level Filled

Skip Capacity
- Heaped


BMD01 BMD 300 c/w
Multi-purpose tyres

Honda Petrol
4.4 / 3.2

2.5 6 2.6 113 134 300 716 934 1609 155
BMD01T BMD 300 c/w
Flotation Turf Tyres
1004 1609 195
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