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Altrad Belle and the Environment

Altrad Belle and the Environment - A Green Future

Altrad Belle and the Environment

Here at Altrad Belle we are committed to looking after the environment. Check out our extensive range of ‘Eco’ products by clicking the image below

Eco Products


Being located in the heart of the Peak District National Park the environment has always been a major consideration for the Altrad Belle when looking at its manufacturing operations.This has driven many of the systems and processes Altrad Belle has adopted, even before these issues became a major consideration for companies when looking at their chosen business partners andsuppliers.

In 2006 Altrad Belle began the acceleration of recycling its waste and increasing energy management initiatives. All of these areas are operated and maintained in an environmentally friendly way, with the benefit of energy, carbon savings and a reduction in our land fill waste of approximately 90%. The company complies with all legislation regarding waste packaging and hazardous waste, and has all the necessary registrations in place.

In July 2006, Altrad Belle received a UK award to show the way in which the company had improved health and safety, environmental standards and control of waste.


Altrad Belle has rationalised the waste stream within its operations by taking a full review of all its activities.
In 2012 Altrad Belle managed to achieve the target of a ‘zero to landfill’ policy in conjunction with our new Waste
Management Partner. This also has the added benefit of reducing cost as well.
Altrad Belle has strived to move all of its packaging process to recyclable materials. Incoming packaging is specifi ed to be reusable or recyclable wherever possible. All waste generated this way is then segregated on site and recycled appropriately through a joint agreement with a waste management specialist.
Process scrap waste comes mainly in the form of recyclable materials such as steel off-cuts waste, oils and plastics. These are again separated and recycled.

During 2012, Altrad Belle also reduced the recycling and waste transport range to less than a 12 mile radius with the end product being used for secondary fuel at a local company.
In 2017 as part of our continuing environmental efficiency drive we have recently further improved our costs and the Carbon footprint of our general waste solution. Along with our long-term recycling partners, Peak Waste, we have removed from site
the static waste compactor and as a replacement we have installed a large capacity portable alternative.
The outcome of this is a load size increase from 14 to 35 cubic yards per lift. This will effectively reduce the removal of general waste trips by 2.5 times so not only the cost of transport but also the transport footprint is considerably reduced.
The cost of the compactor has been reduced along with the maintenance, servicing costs and carbon footprint as these are carried out when the machine is taken for emptying to the local depot rather than an engineer travelling from further
afield to carry out any servicing or repair function.


In conjunction with the Carbon Trust, Altrad Belle has adopted best energy management practices with the target of reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and costs on a yearly basis. The measures being taken include amongst others, energy monitoring, in-house energy watching, optimising equipment usage, workforce involvement and awareness training and the use of external consultants. Our aim is to reduce our ongoing energy usage by 5% per year.


When selecting suppliers, vendors and contractors, Altrad Belle takes account of their environmental performance.

Altrad Belle will adopt ‘waste free’ objectives on all its sites. Where waste is generated, re-use programs or recycling will be introduced where possible. Altrad Belle is also committed to reducing levels of water and energy consumption used by its operations in line with the government’s ‘Climate Change’ policy.

This is part of Altrad Belle’s commitment and ongoing mission to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and industry. Our ambition is high and our future is Green.


In the bid for Altrad Belle to become greener and more eco friendly, we have now introduced electronic documents.
To sign up to receive electronic documents, please Click Here.

WEEE DIRECTIVE - Registration Number WEE/GC0071UZ

Altrad Belle is now registered with the WEEE LINK compliance scheme (a subsidiary of SWS Compak) as a producer of WEEE under the terms of the legislation.

Our market share has been assessed by the environment agency from our first submission of data. All subsequent submissions will be fed from our continuously collected and compiled sales data each being returned quarterly, as required by the act.

The legislation requires that all electrical or electronic equipment that falls within the scope of the directive is clearly marked with a crossed out wheelie bin, producer and date mark and all Altrad Belle's products are so marked.

The act also requires that all new product first placed on the market post 1st April 2007 have clear and concise treatment and reprocessing information within 12 months of the date of commencement of the first compliance period, this information will be available by 30th June 2008.

1. Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (the “Regulations”)

 1.1   The Purchaser shall be responsible for the costs of collection, treatment, recovery & environmentally sound disposal of the Product and Replaced Product in accordance with the Regulations.

1.2    The Purchaser shall not dispose of the Product or the Replaced Product other than in accordance with the Regulations.

1.3 The Purchaser agrees to indemnify, & keep indemnified, the Seller from & against any & all loss, damage or liability (whether criminal or civil) suffered, & legal fees & costs incurred by the Seller resulting from a breach of this clause.

WEEE Registration Number: - WEE/GC0071UZ

As Sustainability increasingly becomes a major consideration for companies when looking at their chosen partners and suppliers Altrad Belle has chosen to report our carbon, water and waste emissions openly via 
Altrad Belle believes that being transparent and disclosing this data will lead to more accountability and strengthen our desire to improve.

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