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In line with the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, we have to ask for proof of your right to work in the UK.
Therefore, if you are invited to an interview, please bring with you the original and photocopy of one of the following:

  • Evidence of NI No e.g. P45, P60, Old Pay Slip
  • Passport, Work Permit, Certificate of Registration, Neutralization as a British Citizen
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If yes, please give details:
Having any "unspent" conviction will not necessarily bar you from employment with us. This will depend on the circumstances and background to your offence(s).

1. I confirm that the information given on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false/misleading information given may be sufficient cause for rejection or, if employed, dismissal.

2. I authorise the Company to obtain references to support this application once an offer has been made and accepted. I realise the Company and Referees from any liability caused by giving and receiving information.

3. Information from this online application form will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. In agreeing and ticking the box below, I agree to this data being held and processed, and if appointed to the job I also agree to further personal information, including sensitive data (e.g. bank details, medicals etc.), being held and processed by Belle Group in accordance with the Act.

More information about our privacy policy can be found here.

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