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Altrad Belle FAQ's

Your Honda Mixer may not start due to the oil level in your engine, check your engines oil level in accordance with the below.


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, to see how to fill your Honda Mini 150 with the correct oil level.


All the machine serial numbers can be found on a black label, or a metal plate located on the machine.

To arrange a service inspection, contact our Service department on the below for further assistance: -

Tel: 01298 84606 opt 2
Fax: 01298 84073


Where can I purchase cement mixer spare parts from? 
You can order all Altrad Belle spare parts online or direct by the following

Altrad Belle Parts Centre,
Tel: 01298 84606 opt 1


Online 365 Days a year 24 hours a day. 

Yes, all the mixer range comes complete with oil already installed.

Mini 150 Up to August 2006 - EP90 gear oil

Mini 150 From August 2006 - Silkgear 220 synthetic oil

Maxi - Total transmission 75w 90 synthetic oil

Premier XT - Total transmission 75w 90 synthetic oil

The Mini 150 mixer cement drum will spin off anticlockwise as you look into the drum.

Mini 150 Drum Removal

This could be related to two things: - Incorrect lead length or incorrect volt supply.

230v Mini 150 – Your lead length should be no more than 30 Meters long and 2.5 mm wire size.

110v Mini 150 – Your lead length should be no more than 30 Meters long and 2.5 mm wire size with a transformer size of 2.2 KVA or more.

Warning: - DO NOT use an extension cable between the transformer and the mains power supply

The grade of oil should be 10W 30 mineral oil.

This could be related to two things: -

Fuel - Incorrect, insufficient or contaminated fuel has been used. Unleaded fuel is the recommend fuel to be used in this model of machine.

Low Oil level - Fill until the oil is at the marked level on the dipstick, If your plate still fails to start then check the oil level is high enough, as the oil alert feature on the Honda engines are quite precise.

Hatz Engine Oil: - 10W 30 mineral oil

Honda Engine Oil: -10W 30 mineral oil

Vibrator Unit: - 32 grade mineral oil (Total Preslia 32)

The transformer size should be 6 KVA or more.

Three months from date of purchase from Belle. 

Changing the RTX Rammer feet is simple and easy to do.
Check out the below video ~ RTX Rammer Foot Replacement Procedure.

You can buy a new mixer engine direct from ALTRAD Belle online 365 Days a year 24 hours a day on our spare parts website.
All you will need to do is identify the make and model of your machine.

Click Here for more information.

Most Altrad Belle stockist would have the Warrior Wheelbarrow available.

Alternatively, these can be ordered directly online from us, by following the below link - Click HERE

Here at Altrad Belle we endeavour to answer all of your questions, however if our FAQ section has not answered your question.

Please contact us on the below for further assistance.

Tel: 01298 84606
Fax: 01298 84722


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