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Altrad Belle Introduction Video

An Introduction to the Altrad Belle part of the Altrad Group. A brief look into the surroundings of the company and the work that goes into designing and manufacturing products for the Building and Construction markets including the following items:- Compacting:- Forward Plate, Reversible Plate, Trench Rammers and Walk-Behind Rollers. Moving:- Minidumpers. Mixing:- Portable and Compact Mixers, Large Capacity Mobile and Site Mixers and Electric stirrers. Concreting:- Pokers, Flexible Shaft Water Pumps, Screeds, Trowels and Finishing Tools. Cutting:- Floor Saws, Tile Saws, Bench Saws, Block Splitters, Paving Equipment and Diamond blades. Breaking:- Hydraulic Breakers, Hydraulic Power Packs and Hydraulic Tools. Wheelbarrows:- Belle, Fort, Limex & Richard Wheelbarrows. No.1 for Light Construction Equipment