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Compaction Accessories
Compaction Accessories
The Altrad Belle Plates have a Selection of Accessories to compliment the Compaction Equipment we offer. Items range from Paving Pads to Transporter Wheel Kits for the Compaction Plates and various sizes of Tamping Feet for the Rammer range.
Compaction Accessories image 0 Compaction Accessories
  OPP/63/DIO Paving pad PCEL320X
  OPP/02/DIO Paving pad PCLX400
OPP/51S/DIO Kit Water Spray PCLX 320 Orange
OPP/51Y/DIO Kit Water Spray PCLX 320 Yellow
OPP/54S/DIO Kit Water Spray PCLX 400 Orange
OPP/54Y/DIO Kit Water Spray PCLX 400 Yellow
OPP/60/DIO Wheel Kit PCLX320/400
Compatible with models serial no: 050570 and beyond only)
PCX 12/36-13/40
  OPP/65/DIO Paving pad PCX 12/36
OPP/66/DIO Paving pad PCX 13/40
OPP/70S/DIO Kit Water Spray PCX 12/36 Orange
OPP/71S/DIO Kit Water Spray PCX 13/40 Orange
OPP/74/DIO Wheel Kit PCX 12/36 - 13/40
PCX350-500 - PCX20/50
  OPP/26/DIO Paving pad PCX 350 (14”)
OPP/28/DIO Paving pad PCX 400 (16”)
OPP/30/DIO Paving pad PCX 450 (18”)
OPP/32/DIO Paving pad PCX500 - PCX20/50 (20”)
OPP/46S/DIO Kit Water Spray PCX 350
  OPP/47S/DIO Kit Water Spray PCX 400
OPP/48S/DIO Kit Water Spray PCX 450
OPP/49S/DIO Kit Water Spray PCX 500
OPP/35/DIO Fixed wheels ‘for fab and cast bases (not available for Hatz)
OPP/50/DIO Detachable wheels cast bases  
RPC 30kN/60kN
  OPP/18/DIO Wheel kit


OPP/41/DIO OPP/41/DIO 2x125mm Extension Plates RPC60kN
DIO dealer install option/ FIO factory install option
  Replacement foot :  
158.0.131 170mm Rammer foot Universal shoe RT50/RT65/RT66/RT74
158.0.052 250mm Rammer foot RT50/RT65
158.0.048 280mm Rammer foot RT50/RT65
158.0.026 280mm Rammer foot RT66/RT74
158.0.903 300mm Rammer foot RT66/RT74
  Accessories :  

Complete kit with universal shoe 170x330mm (w x l), bolts and nut

All RT range
158.3.003 Wooden narrow shoe 215 x 332mm (w x l) RT50/RT65
158.3.007 Wooden narrow shoe 235 x 332mm (w x l) RT66/RT74
158.3.001 Extension shoe kit 100 x 330 x 300mm (w x l x h) RT50/RT65
158.3.005 Extension shoe kit 100 x 330 x 300mm (w x l x h RT66/RT74
  158.3.002 Extension shoe kit 150 x 330 x 300mm (w x l x h) RT50/RT65
158.3.006 Extension shoe kit 150 x 330 x 300mm (w x l x h) RT66/RT74
OPRA/02/DIO Dual Air Filter GX160 Honda RT66
158.0.100 Rubber Isolator for handle  

All the optional shoes of the RT 50 are available for the old models of RT66 (<no. 0210064)



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