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Metrix Plettac (Multidirectional System)
Metrix Plettac (Multidirectional System)

Metrix Plettac - Multidirectional System Scaffold

The Metrix Plettac system is practical, robust and safe equipment. It only requires levelling at the base layer and consequently saves labour. Connections are made through dropping in a retained wedge and a simple tap with a hammer and thus eliminate the fitting of clamps and labour intensive tightening of the clamp bolts. The Multidirectional System Scaffold allows the structure to be built around all obstacles. This is achieved due to the patented rosettes on the standards that allow 8 directions of fitting on each rosette. This system has extensive applications: building constructions and renovation, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, shipyards, entertainment industry, etc. Swinging guardrails for loading bay are also available. Plettac Metrix equipment is certified ISO 9001.
Metrix Plettac (Multidirectional System)
  • Wedges are locked using a hammer.
  • Specific shape of rosettes prevents standards from rolling, thus providing a higher safety level on platforms during erection.
  • Ledger heads are connected to rosettes, welded onto standards every 50 cm.
  • Each rosette comes with four narrow holes and four wide holes.
  • Up to 8 components, ledgers, diagonal braces or hop up brackets, can be connected to a single rosette.
  • Ledgers can connection to standards.
  • Guardrails can connection to standards.
  • Decks are laid directly onto tubular ledgers.
  • Handles provide safe and easy handling.


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