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Altrad Belle Warrior
Altrad Belle Warrior

Construction Usage

This barrow is a must for professional builders and ideal for use with the Belle Minimix 150. Suitable for the heaviest work. This 100ltr plastic tray is made of HDPE quality and therefore very durable. Comes with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY!
Altrad Belle Warrior image 0 Altrad Belle Warrior
  • Extra strong indestructible HDPE Tray - HDPE is non stick and easy to clean
  • Low noise loading of bricks and material. Ideal for urban use
  • Extra wide profile tyre offers better use in sandy conditions
  • Extra strong wheel is fitted with a needle bearing for enhanced performance
  • Deep treaded tyre with inner tube alleviates possibility of punctures
  • Stronger and larger wheel plate is adjustable for optimum balance
  • Flat front tube for vertical storage
  • Additional wear strip for extra endurance
  • Heavy duty reinforced electro plated frame
  • The whole wheelbarrow is ergonomically designed
  • Never Leak Again foam filled tyre available
  • Comes with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY!
Ref Model Tray
Tray Type Assembly Tray Colour Dimensions
W x L x H
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02204 Altrad Belle Warrior 100 17 HDPE Assembled  Orange 600 x 1450 x 675


02214WB Altrad Belle Warrior c/w Flex Pro Tyre 100 17 HDPE Assembled Orange 600 x 1450 x 675


Product Brochure
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