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MidiScreed 200MidiScreed 200

Compact Motorised, Free Screeder

A 2m wide motorised screed designed to assist in the levelling and vibrating of concrete pours. The MidiScreed 200 features a mechanism that allows the screed to be pushed and pulled across the surface of a concrete pad. The 2m reinforced beam also vibrates to remove air from the concrete.

Easy Screed ProEasy Screed Pro

Petrol powered Single Beam Screed

Screeding without formwork is becoming a popular time saving technique. The Easy Screed has an easily detachable twin handle power unit that clamps on to beams of various lengths. The aluminium beam has a profile suitable for "free screeding" or by reversing the same beam can be used for striking off across from formwork.

Porto ScreedPorto Screed

A twin vibrating beam screed

Ideal for striking off and vibrating concrete between form work. Its heavy-duty robust construction makes it suited to rental and demanding users.

Hand TamperHand Tamper

A manually-operated lightweight aluminium tamping beam

Designed for cost-effective levelling of concrete pads. The hand tamper requires two operatives to manually tamp and drag the concrete to the finished level.

Roller StrikerRoller Striker

High performance 'Spinning' concrete Screed

The Roller Striker strikes off and finishes concrete slabs quickly and easily. A spinning tube pulls up the surcharge of concrete as it goes. The spinning roller action leaves aggregate near the surface resulting in a very strong floor, ready for power trowelling if required.


Range of Hand-Held Floats

Floats are used to smooth and improve the surface of the concrete. The Floats swivel head allows the blade to be pushed and pulled across the surface.


Range of Hand-Held Tools

Hand-Held Tools are used to drag concrete when slab pouring.