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Megavib+ PokerMegavib+ Poker

Portable electric poker

A high frequency hand held poker system comprising interchangeable drives, flexible shafts and poker heads. Giving portable performance, ideal for small volumes of concrete.

Vibratech+ PokerVibratech+ Poker

A heavy-duty, highly reliable high frequency electronic poker designed for the toughest of site conditions. The Vibratech+ pokers use an in-line converter, eliminating the need for an additional external power source.

BGA PokersBGA Pokers

Mechanical poker

Flexible shaft poker Vibrators for high vibration power in concrete and designed to meet the toughest site conditions. Available with a wide range of diameters from 25 to 68mm

Poker Power UnitPoker Power Unit

Mechanical Poker Drive System

A portable, robust and compact drive system designed for heavy site and rental use, providing effective air removal from concrete from a portable independent power source.

BGP PokersBGP Pokers

Extra Pneumatic Poker

A high frequency pneumatic poker designed with durability and reliability in mind. Easy to service and robust the BGP poker is the professional and pneumatic solution for air removal from concrete.

BGN Plus / BGN TurboBGN Plus / BGN Turbo

Electric High Frequency Pokers

High performance pokers using the latest technology to give safe and reliable performance. A low voltage but high frequency electric supply powers a vibration motor in the poker head.

A converter is required to adapt the standard mains supply to the right voltage and frequency. For efficiency and reliability BGN pokers should be used with BGF converters.

BGF RangeBGF Range

High Frequency Converters

The most advanced converters available. A fully electronic design eliminates all common converter problems. All the electronic components are fully protected electrically and mechanically to make the BGF extremely reliable.

4 models are available to power BGN+ and BGN Turbo pokers or other 42v 200Hz 3 phase equipment.