8/8002 - Nut - M8 Binx Bzp

Stockcode 8/8002
Description Nut - M8 Binx Bzp
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
BWR 650Oil Unit722
Premier XTDoor Assembly (Up To 911049)103
Premier XTDoor Assembly (Up To 911049)192
Premier XTGearbox Assembly273
Premier XTFunnel & Battery Assembly51
Premier XTMotor Assembly (Up To July 2002)174
AFS 350Main Assembly1321
BMD 300Friction Wheel Assembly102
GSS RangeMain Assembly671
Premier TGearbox Assembly23
Premier TMotor Assembly (220v & 240v)84
Premier TCover Assembly113
RTX RammersAnti-Vibration Mount Assembly61
RTX RammersHandle Assembly (RTX50, 66, 74 & 80D)61
RTX RammersHandle Assembly (RTX60, 68 & 70)61
RTX RammersHonda GX120 Engine Assembly164
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerYanmar L100N Engine Assembly134
PCEL 400EBedplate & Front Cover71
PCEL 400EBedplate & Front Cover194
PCEL 400EMotor and Drive Kit98
PCLX 12/40EBedplate Assembly194
PCLX 12/40EMotor & Drive Kit131
RTX RammersAnti-Vibration Mount Assembly62RTX 80D
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerPump Assembly281
TDX 650 APump Assembly251
RTX RammersFoot Assembly127
RTX RammersFoot Assembly184
GPX Test UnitMain Assembly262
Premier XTDoor Assembly (From 911050)185
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