4/1601 - Washer

Stockcode 4/1601
Description Washer
Tech NoteM16
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
PCX 20ATransporter Attachment42
RPC 45Baseplate Assembly84
RPC 45Handle Assembly (Up To Serial No. 093553)202
RPC 45Handle Assembly (From Serial No. 093554)202
RPC 60Baseplate Assembly - Hatz (Up To 11th June 2007)64
RPC 60Baseplate Assembly - Hatz (From 11th June 2007, Up To 31st December 2008)64
RPC 60Baseplate Assembly - Hatz (From 1st January 2009)64
RPC 60Handle Assembly (Up To Serial No. 093553)202
RPC 60Handle Assembly (From Serial No. 093554)202
RPC 35Baseplate Assembly84
RPC 35Handle Assembly202
RPC 55Baseplate Assembly84
RPC 55Handle Assembly202
Premier XTHandwheel Assembly11
Roller StrikerLubricator102
AFS 350Main Assembly831
Compact SawHandle Assembly71
Cutlass SawMain Assembly34
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly731
BMD 300Handle Assembly212Up To 141505
BMD 300Optional Equipment - Ramp94
BMD 300Optional Equipment - Towbar34
Diamond Headed GrinderHeight Adjustment Assembly101
PRM GrinderGearbox Assembly291
Thunderbird 12Main Assembly532
Thunderbird 8Main Assembly52
Thunderbird 8Main Assembly234
Premier THand Wheel Assembly81
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerChassis Assembly312
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerHandle Assembly151
Baromix CommodoreTip Gear Assembly31
BMD 300Optional Equipment - Snow Plough162
TDX 650 AHandle Assembly62
TDX 650 AHandle Assembly, North America EPA62
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerChassis Assembly228
RPX 35Baseplate Assembly212
RPX 59Handle Assembly224
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