4/6001 - Washer

Stockcode 4/6001
Description Washer
Tech NoteM6
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
MPC 300Main Assembly453
Minipac 300Main Assembly451
PCLX 320 - 400Bedplate & Front Cover (Up to 101216)244
PCX 20AWater Bottle Kit84
BGA PumpMain Assembly - 5 Metre411
BGA PumpMain Assembly - 7 Metre783
RT 65Main Assembly1424
RPC 30Handle Assembly96
RPC 45Gearbox Assembly (Driver)321
RPC 45Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)313
RPC 60Gearbox Assembly (Driver, Up To 11th June 2007)321
RPC 60Gearbox Assembly (Driver, From 11th June 2007)321
RPC 35Gearbox Assembly (Driver)321
RPC 35Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)313
RPC 55Gearbox Assembly (Driver)321
Maxi 140Main Assembly402
Tract MixYoke Assembly68
Tract MixFrame Assembly (Honda Only)188
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Lister) (Up To July 2002)372
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Lister) (From July 2002)374
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (Up To October 2001)88
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (From October 2001 Up To July 2002)88Up To July '02
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (From July 2002, Up To 911049)810From July '02
Premier XTMotor Assembly (Up To July 2002)278Up To July '02
Premier XTMotor Assembly (From April 2006)278
Premier XTHourmeter (Lister & Yanmar)34
1400 Series Pro Trowel (600)Honda Drive102
1600 Series Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelHandle Assembly (Pro Tilt)311
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Lower123
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Lower163
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Lower264
Ambassador SawGuard Assembly154
Ambassador SawMechanical Water Pump212
Ambassador SawElectrical Water Pump142
MS 500 Bench SawUpper Frame72
MS 500 Bench SawCutting Table Assembly810
MS 500 Bench SawPetrol Engine346
MS 500 Bench SawElectric Motor316
MS 500 Bench SawPulley & Belt Guard98
AFS 350Main Assembly641
Compact XHandle Assembly81
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly601
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly621
Ranger 450Tank Assembly276
Trident Scimitar SawScimitar Main Assembly52
Block Clip LifterBlock Clip Lifter 80074
MinitileMinitile 300121
BMD 300Optional Equipment - Flatbed91
GSS RangeMain Assembly701
Diamond Headed GrinderHonda Build21
PRM GrinderDust Extraction Kit-6
PRM GrinderMain Assembly294
PRM GrinderMain Assembly312
PRM GrinderMain Assembly354
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Petrol - Obsolete)222
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Petrol - Obsolete)274
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Petrol - Obsolete)301
Baromix MinorDrive Assembly (Electric - Obsolete)425
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Honda - Current Production)174
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Robin - Current Production)206
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Electric - Current Production)215
Submersible Water PumpSubmersible Water Pump (5M)400
Submersible Water PumpSubmersible Water Pump (7M)783
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Bedplate & Front Cover (Up to 101216)244
RTX RammersHandle Assembly (RTX50, 66, 74 & 80D)152
RTX RammersHandle Assembly (RTX60, 68 & 70)152
RTX RammersHonda GX120 Engine Assembly121
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerCanopy Assembly1612
Baromix CommodoreDoor Assembly94
Baromix CommodoreYanmar Engine Assembly92
BMD 300Optional Equipment - Snow Plough94
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelGearbox Assembly278
Lightweight Pro / Pro Tilt TrowelsGearbox Assembly278
TDX 650 ASide Guards810
RTX RammersYanmar L48 Engine Assembly132
Duo 350XHandle Assembly81
TDX 650 AHandle Assembly, North America EPA204
RPC 60Throttle Cable182
RPC 45Throttle Cable (Hatz)182EPA Only
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerYanmar L100N Engine Assembly474From 00702
PCLX 12/40EHandle Assembly112
Midi 20-140P.O.D Assembly (From Feb 2014)121
PCX 20ARemote Throttle82
PCX 17/50ABedplate Assembly151
PCX 17/50AWheel Kit Assembly182
Duo 350XBlade Guard Assembly174
PCLX 16/45EBedplate Assembly1016
PCLX 16/45EHandle Assembly1117
PCLX 16/45EMotor & Drive Kit261
PCLX 16/45ETransport Attachment152
GPX RangeControl Box Assembly (GPX 2700)12
GPX RangeControl Box Assembly (GPX 3400)12
GPX RangeControl Box Assembly (GPX 5000 & 5000W)12
Midi 20-140P.O.D Assembly (From Feb '14)121
PCX 60AWheel Kit (From Serial No. 109001)171
PWX RangeFrame Assembly (PWX 15/250)321
RPX 35Gearbox Assembly 1 (Up To Serial No. 161205099049)412
PCX 60AWater Tank Assembly132
PCX 16/45 & 16/50Bedplate Assembly151
PCX 16/45 & 16/50Water Bottle Assembly132
BulldogPump & Motor Assembly127
BulldogP.O.D Assembly45
GPX RangeControl Box Assembly (GPX 2700 CTE)92
GPX RangeControl Box Assembly (GPX 3400 CTE, GPX 5000 CTE & GPX 5000W CTE)92
RPC 60Engine & Drive Kit - Honda66
GPX Test UnitMain Assembly122
RPX 59Bedplate Assembly44
RPX 59Frame Assembly102
RPX 59Controls (Diesel Electric Only)44
RPX 59Gearbox Assembly 2321
RPX 59Petrol Engine & Drive Kit142
Premier XTDoor Assembly (From 911050)241
Premier XTDoor Assembly (From 911050)241
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (From 911050)810
PCX 13/40E+Bedplate Assembly114
PCX 13/40E+Handle Clip Assembly82
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