20/0045 - Engine Honda GX120k1 Krs4

Stockcode 20/0045
Description Engine Honda GX120k1 Krs4
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
RT 66Main Assembly0011From 0012135, Up To 0212162
RT 66Main Assembly0011From 0012224, Up To 0407178
RT 66Main Assembly0011From 0212099, Up To 0407179
RT 66Main Assembly0011From 161000Honda
RT 74Main Assembly0011Up To 0012225, From 0102212
RT 74Main Assembly0011Up To 0012244, From 0406124
RT 74Main Assembly0011Up To 0304134, From 0406126
RT 74Main Assembly0011From 181000
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