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Stockcode 4/6004
Description Washer M6 Shakeproof Bzp
Tech NoteM6
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
Midi 20-110D (PAN)Pump & Motor Assembly134
Midi 20-140 (PAN)Pump & Motor Assembly104
Major 20-140X (PAN)Pump & Motor Assembly104
Major 20-160X (PAN)Pump & Motor Assembly104
Midi 20-110D (PAN)Cooler Assembly (Up To March 2009)72
Midi 20-140 (PAN)Cooler Assembly (Up To March 2009)72
Major 20-140X (PAN)Cooler Assembly (Up To March 2009)72
Major 20-160X (PAN)Cooler Assembly (Up To March 2009)72
Major 30-140 (PAN)Cooler Assembly (Up To March 2009)72
Midi 20-110D (PAN)Cooler Assembly (From April 2009)72
Midi 20-140 (PAN)Cooler Assembly (From April 2009)72
Major 20-140X (PAN)Cooler Assembly (From April 2009)72
Major 20-160X (PAN)Cooler Assembly (From April 2009)72
Major 30-140 (PAN)Cooler Assembly (From April 2009)72
Major 20-140XPump & Motor Assembly104
Major 20-140XCooler Assembly72
Major 20-160XPump & Motor Assembly104
Major 20-160XCooler Assembly72
Major 30-140Cooler Assembly72
Midi 20-110DPump & Motor Assembly134
Midi 20-110DCooler Assembly72
Midi 20-140Pump & Motor Assembly104
Midi 20-140Cooler Assembly72
PCLX 16/45EBedplate Assembly82
PCLX 16/45EHandle Assembly123
PCLX 16/45EMotor & Drive Kit251
BulldogPump & Motor Assembly254
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