8/8008 - Nut M8 Nyloc Bzp

Stockcode 8/8008
Description Nut M8 Nyloc Bzp
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
PCEL 320XBaseplate Assembly84
PCLMain Assembly411
MPC 300Main Assembly111
Minimix 60Main Assembly101
Minimix 80Main Assembly101
PCEL 320XBedplate & Front Cover68
PCEL 320XEngine & Drive Kit24
PCLX 320 - 400Baseplate Assembly (PCLX 320 & 400)84
PCLX 320 - 400Cast Baseplate Assembly (PCLX 320 & 400)112
PCLX 320 - 400Bedplate & Front Cover (Up to 101216)34
PCLX 320 - 400Bedplate & Front Cover (From 101217)202
PCLX 320 - 400Engine & Drive Kit24
PCLX 320 - 400Water Bottle Kit (Up To 099491)53
PCLX 320 - 400Water Bottle Kit (From 099492)212
PCMain Assembly451
PCMain Assembly1111
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Handle Assembly54
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Engine & Drive Kit24
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Handle Assembly54
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Engine & Drive Kit (Honda)24
PCX 20AEngine & Drive Kit84
PCXBaseplate Assembly (Honda & Robin)72
PCXBaseplate Assembly (Hatz)72
PCXCast Baseplate Assembly112
PCXHandle Assembly54
PCXEngine & Drive Kit (Honda & Robin)24
PCXEngine & Drive Kit (Hatz)24
PCXWater Bottle Kit181
BWE-40Main Assembly106
BWE-60Main Assembly216
MiniAlphaMain Assembly107
Minimix 110Main Assembly106
Minimix 140Main Assembly98
BWE 80/110/130Drive Kit72
RT 60Main Assembly366
RPC 30Frame Assembly (Up To 030036)73
RPC 30Frame Assembly (Up To 030036)112
RPC 30Frame Assembly (From 030037)116
RPC 45Frame Assembly (From Serial No. 030508)134
RPC 45Frame Assembly (Up To Serial No. 030507)93
RPC 45Handle Assembly (Up To Serial No. 093553)351
RPC 45Handle Assembly (From Serial No. 093554)351
RPC 45Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)282
RPC 60Top Cover (Up To Serial No. 043179)68
RPC 60Top Cover (From Serial No. 043180)68
RPC 60Handle Assembly (Up To Serial No. 093553)351
RPC 60Handle Assembly (From Serial No. 093554)351
RPC 35Frame Assembly93
RPC 35Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)282
RPC 55Top Cover68
BWR 650Electric Unit152
Maxi 140Main Assembly824
Minimix 130Main Assembly Euro 1 (From May 2000)251
Minimix 130Main Assembly (Up To May 2000)106
Generators GD5000 (Semi Silent)Generator GD5000 - Main Assembly501
Superior 300/350/400Frame Assembly158
Superior 300/350/400Engine & Drive Kit52Petrol
Superior 300/350/400Engine & Drive Kit61
Superior 300/350/400Engine & Drive Kit181Superior 400
TBE 130/165Drive Kit72
Tract MixDrive Kit258
Tract MixAxle Assembly824
Tract MixFrame Assembly (Honda Only)198
Tract MixFrame Assembly (Robin & Electric Only)1414
Tract MixLightboard Assembly174
BGP PokersBGP 155302
Porto ScreedDrive Assembly44
Roller StrikerHydraulic Drive End212
1400 Series Pro Trowel (600)Main Assembly (Petrol)301
1600 Series Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelGuard Ring Assembly44
1600 Series Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelHandle Assembly (Pro Trowel)144
1600 Series Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelHandle Assembly (Pro Tilt)56
Lightweight Pro / Pro Tilt TrowelsHandle Assembly - Quick Pitch92
Lightweight Pro / Pro Tilt TrowelsFoldable Handle Assembly - Screw Pitch153
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelGuard Ring Assembly211
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelHandle Assembly - Screw Pitch141
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelHandle Assembly - Quick Pitch143
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelFoldable Handle Assembly - Screw Pitch141
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Lower14
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Lower183
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Upper194
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Upper264
Ambassador SawMain Assembly Upper151
Ambassador SawMain Assembly Upper171
Ambassador SawGuard Assembly84
Ambassador SawGuard Assembly281
Ambassador SawDrive Assembly (Petrol)34
Ambassador SawDrive Assembly (Electric)24
MS 500 Bench SawUpper Frame162
MS 500 Bench SawCutting Table Assembly1218
MS 500 Bench SawHandle & Blade Guard1214
MS 500 Bench SawPetrol Engine211
MS 500 Bench SawElectric Motor2112
AFS 350Main Assembly631
Compact SawMain Assembly61
Compact SawWater System114
Compact SawWater System132
Compact XBedplate Assembly11
Compact XHandle Assembly211
Compact XWater Bottle Kit93
Cutlass SawMain Assembly373
Guardian 350 & 400Engine Assembly (Honda GX160)874
Guardian 500Main Assembly432
MaxipaveMaxipave (From 14th February 2009)332
MinitileMinitile 300271
BMD 300Chassis Assembly150
BMD 300Cowl Assembly (From Serial No. 143040)242
BMD 300Engine Assembly73
BMD 300Gearbox Assembly1310
BMD 300Clutch Assembly (Up To Serial No. 141778)101
BMD 300Clutch Assembly (Up To Serial No. 141778)1611
BMD 300Clutch Assembly (From Serial No. 141779)96
GD5000Main Assembly501
Diamond Headed GrinderMain Assembly402
Diamond Headed GrinderMain Assembly452
Diamond Headed GrinderDrive Guard Assembly196
PRM GrinderDust Extraction Kit42
PRM GrinderRobin Build Kit94
PRM GrinderElectric Build Kit104
PRM GrinderElectric Build Kit211
PRM GrinderYanmar Build Kit184
Thunderbird 12Handle Assembly62
Thunderbird 12Dust Supression Kit102
Thunderbird 8Electric Build Kit (110v)24
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Electric - Obsolete)222
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Electric - Current Production)302
Baromix Commodore (upto 2012)5 - 3.5 & 7 - 5 Main Assembly (Diesel - Current Production)202
Midi 20-110D (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)82
Midi 20-140 (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)82
Major 20-140X (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)82
Major 20-160X (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)82
Major 30-140 (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)82
Major 30-140 (PAN)Tank Assembly (Up To March 2009)76
Midi 20-110D (PAN)Pump & Motor Assembly143
Midi 20-140 (PAN)Pump & Motor Assembly53
Major 20-140X (PAN)Pump & Motor Assembly53
Major 20-160X (PAN)Pump & Motor Assembly53
Major 30-140 (PAN)Pump & Motor Assembly163
Minimix 150B&S Engines 174
Minimix 150Honda GX120 & Loncin H135 Engines84
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Cast Baseplate Assembly112
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Bedplate & Front Cover (Up to 101216)34
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Engine & Drive Kit24
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Water Bottle Kit (UK Only)53
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Engine & Drive Kit24
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Handle Assembly54
M54Honda Engines GX12084
PCEL 320 (w)Baseplate Assembly84
PCEL 320 (w)Bedplate & Front Cover68
PCEL 320 (w)Engine & Drive Kit24
RTX RammersTransport Kit52
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerControls (Up To 01434) 191
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerLayshaft Assembly94
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerCanopy Assembly119
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerCanopy Assembly262
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerPump Assembly33
PCEL 400EBaseplate Assembly92
BMD 300Optional Equipment - Snow Plough186
RPC 30Handle Assembly403
Major 20-140XChassis Assembly82
Major 20-140XPump & Motor Assembly53
Major 20-160XChassis Assembly82
Major 20-160XPump & Motor Assembly53
Major 30-140Chassis Assembly82
Major 30-140Tank Assembly76
Major 30-140Pump & Motor Assembly163
Midi 20-110DChassis Assembly82
Midi 20-110DPump & Motor Assembly143
Midi 20-140Chassis Assembly82
Midi 20-140Pump & Motor Assembly53
Major 20-140XTank Assembly76
Major 20-160XTank Assembly76
Midi 20-110DTank Assembly76
Midi 20-140Tank Assembly76
TDX 650 ABedplate Assembly237
TDX 650 AControls (Up To 01181)191
TDX 650 ALayshaft Assembly94
TDX 650 APump Assembly33
Duo 350XBedplate Assembly452
Duo 350XHandle Assembly212
Duo 350XBlade Guard Assembly102
Duo 350XWater Bottle Assembly95
Duo 350XWater Bottle Assembly191
BMD 300Cowl Assembly - EPA, North America (From 146133)294
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerYanmar L100N Engine Assembly392From 00859
PCEL 400EMotor and Drive Kit181
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerControls (Up To 01434) 294
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerHandle Assembly224
PCLX 12/40EBaseplate Assembly92
PCLX 12/40EBedplate Assembly71
PCLX 12/40EMotor & Drive Kit124
PCLX 12/40EPAT Test Rig42
PCX 17/50AHandle Assembly104
PCX 17/50AEngine and Drive Kit64
PCX 17/50AWheel Kit Assembly101
TDX 650 AControls (From 01182)165
PCLX 16/45EBaseplate Assembly92
PCLX 16/45EHandle Assembly89
PCLX 16/45EMotor & Drive Kit64
PCLX 16/45ETransport Attachment121
GPX RangeMain Assembly (GPX 2700 & GPX 3400)106
GPX RangeMain Assembly (GPX 5000)114
PCLX 320 - 400Baseplate Assembly (PCLX 320S)74
PCX 60ABedplate Assembly97
PCX 60AEngine & Drive Kit84
PCX 60AHandle Assembly72
GPX RangeMain Assembly (GPX 5000W)912
GPX RangeChassis Assembly (GPX 5000W)111
PWX RangeChassis Assembly (PWX 08/180)94
PWX RangeChassis Assembly (PWX 13/230)144
PWX RangeFrame Assembly (PWX 08/180)510
PWX RangeFrame Assembly (PWX 13/230)510
PWX RangeFrame Assembly (PWX 15/250)48
PWX RangeEngine, Gearbox & Pump Assembly (PWX 08/180)92
PWX RangeEngine, Gearbox & Pump Assembly (PWX 15/250 Honda)112
PWX RangeEngine, Gearbox & Pump Assembly (PWX 15/250 Yanmar)132
PWX RangeHose Reel81
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerControls (From 01435)165
Midi 20-140Tool Tray43
PCX 16/45 & 16/50Bedplate Assembly72
PCX 16/45 & 16/50Handle Assembly104
PCX 16/45 & 16/50Engine and Drive Kit64
PCX 16/45 & 16/50Water Bottle Assembly252
BulldogChassis Assembly1012
BulldogTank Assembly87
BulldogPump & Motor Assembly33
BulldogP.O.D Assembly141
BWX 15/250Frame Assembly 112
BWX 15/250Engine, Gearbox & Pump Assembly141
BWX 15/250Engine, Gearbox & Pump Assembly232
RPX 59Handle Assembly292
RPX 59Handle Assembly323
RPX 59Top Cover Assembly74
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)24
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Paving Pad Option52
BWX 15/250Hose Reel Assembly124
PCX 13/40E+Bedplate Assembly94
PCX 13/40E+Handle Assembly54
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