19.0.708 - Hand Grip 1

Stockcode 19.0.708
Description Hand Grip 1" I/d
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
MPC 300Main Assembly102
Minipac 300Main Assembly101
Easy Screed ProMain Assembly (Up To December 2004)11
Easy Screed ProMain Assembly (From January 2005)12
Roller StrikerPull Handle12
Ambassador SawMain Assembly Lower22
Claymore SawMain Assembly252
Compact SawHandle Assembly22
Compact XHandle Assembly182
Ranger SawMain Assembly292
Trident Scimitar SawTrident Main Assembly31
Trident Scimitar SawScimitar Main Assembly91
Diamond Headed GrinderHonda Build62
Diamond Headed GrinderElectric Build12
Thunderbird 12Handle Assembly12
Compact XCompact X Recommended Spare Parts List2
Duo 350XHandle Assembly182
Roller StrikerTube Carry Handle102
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