8/12001 - Nut - M12 Binx Bzp

Stockcode 8/12001
Description Nut - M12 Binx Bzp
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
BWR 650Frame Unit48
BWR 750Frame Unit48
Premier XTHandwheel Assembly152
Premier XTYoke Assembly259
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Lister) (Up To July 2002)228
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Lister) (From July 2002)228
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (Up To October 2001)154
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (From October 2001 Up To July 2002)154
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (From July 2002, Up To 911049)154
Premier XTMotor Assembly (Up To July 2002)214
Premier XTMotor Assembly (From April 2006)214
BMD 300Clutch Assembly (From Serial No. 141779)211
BMD 300Friction Wheel Assembly92
Premier TMotor Assembly (220v & 240v)154
Premier TEngine Assembly244Lister
Baromix CommodoreDrum Assembly1812
RTX RammersFoot Assembly104
RTX RammersFoot Assembly194
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (From 911050)154
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