7/10010 - Screw Set M10x30mm Hex Bzp Cp

Stockcode 7/10010
Description Screw Set M10x30mm Hex Bzp Cp
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
PCMain Assembly951
PCMain Assembly1011
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Transporter Attachment102
PCXWater Bottle Kit33
PCXTransporter Attachment (Fabricated Baseplate)142
PCXTransporter Attachment (Cast Baseplate)102
RPC 30Baseplate Assembly167Hatz
RPC 60Engine & Drive Kit - Hatz211
RPC 35Engine & Drive Kit (Honda)31
RPC 35Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)41
RPC 55Frame Assembly88
BWE 150/200/250Handwheel Assembly (BWE-150 / 150J / 200 / 200J / 250 / 250J)121
BWE 150/200/250Crank Handle Assembly (BWE-150K / 150KJ / 200K / 200KJ)182
BWE 150/200/250Crank Handle Assembly ((BWE-250K / 250KJ) Up To August 2010)144
BWE 150/200/250Crank Handle Assembly ((BWE-250K / 250KJ) From September 2010)134
Superior 300/350/400Handwheel Assembly121
Superior 300/350/400Axle Assembly82
Tract MixHandwheel Assembly161
Premier XTFrame Assembly (175 / 200XT)102
Premier XTHandwheel Assembly61
Roller StrikerPull Handle32
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Upper122
AFS 350Main Assembly541
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly831
Guardian 350 & 400Frame Assembly272
Ranger 450Frame Assembly264
Diamond Headed GrinderHeight Adjustment Assembly192
PRM GrinderMain Assembly462
Thunderbird 8Main Assembly412
Thunderbird 8Main Assembly794
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Honda - Current Production)225
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Robin - Current Production)275
Baromix MinorMain Assembly (Electric - Current Production)264
RTX RammersHonda GX100 & GXR120 Engine Assembly292RTX 50 & 60
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerLayshaft Assembly211
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerWater Tank Assembly11
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerWater Tank Assembly282
Baromix CommodoreTip Gear Assembly41
TDX 650 AChassis & Vibrator Assembly178
TDX 650 AKubota EA330 Engine Assembly84
Compact XBedplate Assembly421
Roller StrikerTube Carry Handle32
GPX RangeMain Assembly (GPX 5000)72
GPX RangeMain Assembly (GPX 5000W)162
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Bedplate Assembly (Hatz)251
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Water Bottle Kit33
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