7/10004 - Screw - M10 X 20 Hex Bzp

Stockcode 7/10004
Description Screw - M10 X 20 Hex Bzp
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
MPC 300Main Assembly424
Minipac 300Main Assembly421
Minimix 60Main Assembly451
Minimix 80Main Assembly451
PCEL 320XBedplate & Front Cover163093753
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Cast Baseplate Assembly44
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Bedplate & Front Cover107
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Water Bottle Kit46
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Baseplate Assembly28
PCXCast Baseplate Assembly410
PCXBedplate & Front Cover (Hatz)251
PCXTransporter Attachment (Fabricated Baseplate)102
PCXTransporter Attachment (Fabricated Baseplate)202
PCXTransporter Attachment (Cast Baseplate)72
PCXTransporter Attachment (Cast Baseplate)142
BGA PumpMain Assembly - 7 Metre644
RPC 45Baseplate Assembly204Hatz
RPC 45Handle Assembly (Up To Serial No. 093553)146
RPC 45Handle Assembly (From Serial No. 093554)146
RPC 45Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)74
RPC 60Handle Assembly (Up To Serial No. 093553)146
RPC 60Handle Assembly (From Serial No. 093554)146
RPC 35Handle Assembly146
RPC 35Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)74
RPC 55Handle Assembly146
Maxi 140Main Assembly242
Maxi 140Main Assembly332
Claymore SawDrive Setup-3Not Shown
Diamond Headed GrinderHeight Adjustment Assembly172
Thunderbird 8Main Assembly562
Cub 20-90 (PAN)Valve Assembly234
Midi 20-110D (PAN)Valve Assembly274
Midi 20-140 (PAN)Valve Assembly144
Major 20-140X (PAN)Valve Assembly144
Major 20-160X (PAN)Valve Assembly144
Major 30-140 (PAN)Valve Assembly254
Submersible Water PumpSubmersible Water Pump (7M)644
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Cast Baseplate Assembly44
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Cast Baseplate Assembly44
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Water Bottle Kit46
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Bedplate & Front Cover107
Major 20-140XValve Assembly144
Major 20-160XValve Assembly144
Major 30-140Valve Assembly254
Midi 20-110DValve Assembly274
Midi 20-140Valve Assembly144
PCXBedplate & Front Cover (Honda & Robin) (From Serial No. E046879 (Export) & 047358 (UK) Up to 071434 (Uk))221
PCLX 320 - 400Cast Baseplate Assembly (PCLX 320 & 400)172
BulldogValve Assembly114
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Paving Pad Option62
PCX 13/40E+Baseplate Assembly44
PCX 13/40E+Bedplate Assembly353
PCX 13/40E+Water Kit Option46
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