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Stockcode 20/0038
Description Engine Honda GX120 Ut1 Qx4
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
PCMain Assembly391HONDA 4.0HP GX120
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Engine & Drive Kit11Honda GX120
PCX 20AEngine & Drive Kit11
PCXEngine & Drive Kit (Honda & Robin)11
PCXEngine & Drive Kit (Honda & Robin)11
Poker Power UnitMain Assembly11Honda GX 120
Maxi 140Main Assembly531Honda
Poker Power UnitMain Assembly11
Pro 600XMain Assembly (Petrol) (Up To MT01991447)11
Porto ScreedDrive Assembly11
1400 Series Pro Trowel (600)Honda Drive11
PRM GrinderHonda Build Kit101
Minimix 150Honda GX120 & Loncin H135 Engines11Honda GX120 Only
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Engine & Drive Kit11Honda GX120
M54Honda Engines GX12011
PCX 17/50AEngine and Drive Kit11Honda GX120
PCX 60AEngine & Drive Kit11
Pro 600XMain Assembly (Petrol) (From MT01991448)11Honda GX120
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