70/0194 - Switch Compact 230v-50hz Tpo2

Stockcode 70/0194
Description Switch Compact 230v-50hz Tpo2
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CAUTION: All electrical items should be fitted by a qualified electrician.
The wiring diagram can be downloaded below.
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
Minimix 150Motor Assembly (From April 02)221230v, 50Hz
Minimix 60Main Assembly221
Minimix 80Main Assembly221
BWE-40Main Assembly221
BWE-60Main Assembly361
MiniAlphaMain Assembly221
Minimix 110Main Assembly221
Minimix 140Main Assembly321
Maxi 140Main Assembly1401240v
Minimix 130Main Assembly Euro 1 (From May 2000)571From Aug 2002
M16Motor Assembly (From April 02)221230v, 50Hz
Minimix 110Minimix 110 Recommended Spare Parts List2
Minimix 130Minimix 130 Recommended Spare Parts List2
Maxi 140Maxi 140 Recommended Spare Parts List2
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