19.0.603 - Wheel 160 Dia X 20 Bore/60 Hub

Stockcode 19.0.603
Description Wheel 160 Dia X 20 Bore/60 Hub
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
PCLX 320 - 400Transporter Attachment (From Serial No. 050570)32
PCMain Assembly891
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Transporter Attachment22
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Transporter Attachment32
PCX 20ATransporter Attachment22
PCXTransporter Attachment (Fabricated Baseplate)22
PCXTransporter Attachment (Cast Baseplate)32
RPC 30Transporter Attachment72
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Transporter Attachment (From Serial No. 050570)32
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Transporter Attachment22
PCX 20APCX 20A Recommended Spare Parts List1
PCX 17/50AWheel Kit Assembly22
PCLX 16/45ETransport Attachment22
PCX 60AWheel Kit (Up To Serial No. 109000)22
PCX 60AWheel Kit (From Serial No. 109001)22
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