8/10003 - Nut M10 Hex Grade .8 Bzp

Stockcode 8/10003
Description Nut M10 Hex Grade .8 Bzp
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
LPCMain Assembly18/064
PCEL 320XBaseplate Assembly44
PCLMain Assembly211
MPC 300Main Assembly384
Minipac 300Main Assembly261
PCLX 320 - 400Baseplate Assembly (PCLX 320 & 400)44
PCLX 320 - 400Cast Baseplate Assembly (PCLX 320 & 400)84
PCMain Assembly191
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Cast Baseplate Assembly84
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Water Bottle Kit171
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Baseplate Assembly64
PCX 20ABaseplate & Bedplate (Up To Serial No. 001619)54
PCX 20ABaseplate & Bedplate (From Serial No. 001620)54
PCXBaseplate Assembly (Honda & Robin)54
PCXBaseplate Assembly (Hatz)54
PCXCast Baseplate Assembly84
Minimix 140/150Main Assembly131
RPC 30Handle Assembly142
BWE 150/200/250Drum Assembly174250
BWE 150/200/250Handwheel Assembly (BWE-150 / 150J / 200 / 200J / 250 / 250J)97
BWE 150/200/250Crank Handle Assembly (BWE-150K / 150KJ / 200K / 200KJ)192
BWE 150/200/250Crank Handle Assembly ((BWE-250K / 250KJ) Up To August 2010)154
BWE 150/200/250Crank Handle Assembly ((BWE-250K / 250KJ) From September 2010)142
BWE 150/200/250Drive Kit174
Maxi 140Main Assembly82
Maxi 140Main Assembly252
Generators GD5000 (Semi Silent)Generator GD5000 - Main Assembly311
Superior 300/350/400Axle Assembly92
Superior 300/350/400Engine & Drive Kit181Superior 300 & 350
Easy Screed 200Honda Main Assembly 1 (From Serial No. 12.000)273
Porto ScreedDrive Assembly182
Porto ScreedFixed Beams-2
Pro ScreedPetrol Option264
Pro ScreedElectric Option204
1400 Series Pro Trowel (600)Main Assembly (Petrol)93
1400 Series Pro Trowel (600)Main Assembly (Petrol)284
1600 Series Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelGearbox & Spider Assembly198
1600 Series Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelMotor, Bedplate & Drive Kit (8.0hp)44
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Lower334
Ride-On TrowelMain Assembly Upper214
Ride-On TrowelGearbox Assembly - Right278
Ride-On TrowelGearbox Assembly - Left278
Ride-On TrowelEngine & Drive Kit (Honda)144
Claymore SawDepth Control Arrangement91
Claymore SawTransmission Setup91
Compact SawMain Assembly221
Compact SawMain Assembly334
Compact SawLifting Assembly112
Compact SawLifting Assembly291
Compact XBedplate Assembly224
Compact XLifting Frame21
Compact XEngine & Drive Kit52
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly351
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly561
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly661
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly792
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly821
Guardian 350 & 400Frame Assembly292
Guardian 350 & 400Engine Assembly (Honda GX160)304
Guardian 350 & 400Engine Assembly (Honda GX270)304
Guardian 500Main Assembly263
Ranger 450Axle Assembly81
BMD 300Chassis Assembly210
BMD 300Chassis Assembly220From 114340
GD5000Main Assembly311
Diamond Headed GrinderElectric Build164
Thunderbird 12Electric Build Kit104
Midi 20-110D (PAN)Chassis Assembly (Up To March 2009)82
Midi 20-140 (PAN)Chassis Assembly (Up To March 2009)82
Major 20-140X (PAN)Chassis Assembly (Up To March 2009)82
Major 20-160X (PAN)Chassis Assembly (Up To March 2009)82
Major 30-140 (PAN)Chassis Assembly (Up To March 2009)82
Midi 20-110D (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)142
Midi 20-140 (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)142
Major 20-140X (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)142
Major 20-160X (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)142
Major 30-140 (PAN)Chassis Assembly (From April 2009)142
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Cast Baseplate Assembly84
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Cast Baseplate Assembly84
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Water Bottle Kit171
PCEL 320 (w)Baseplate Assembly44
PCEL 400EBaseplate Assembly34
Major 20-140XChassis Assembly142
Major 20-160XChassis Assembly142
Major 30-140Chassis Assembly142
Midi 20-110DChassis Assembly142
Midi 20-140Chassis Assembly142
Duo 350XBedplate Assembly224
Duo 350XLifting Frame Assembly21
Duo 350XEngine Assembly52
PCLX 12/40EBaseplate Assembly34
PCLX 16/45EBaseplate Assembly34
PCLX 16/45EBaseplate Assembly44
PCLX 320 - 400Baseplate Assembly (PCLX 320S)64
PWX RangeChassis Assembly (PWX 08/180)42
PWX RangeChassis Assembly (PWX 13/230)42
PWX RangeChassis Assembly (PWX 15/250 Honda)42
PWX RangeChassis Assembly (PWX 15/250 Yanmar)42
PCX 16/45 & 16/50Baseplate Assembly44
BulldogChassis Assembly52
BulldogTool Tray62
PCX 20/45 & 20/50Bedplate Assembly (Hatz)261
PCX 13/40E+Baseplate Assembly84
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