5/0011 - Seal Bonded 1/4

Stockcode 5/0011
Description Seal Bonded 1/4" Bsp
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
PCEL 320XVibrator Unit91
PCLX 320 - 400Vibrator Unit91
PCLX 320 - 400Water Bottle Kit (Up To 099491)102
PCMain Assembly671
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Vibrator Unit21
PCX 12/36 & 13/40Water Bottle Kit201
PCX 20AVibrator Unit31
PCXVibrator Unit21
RPC 30Gearbox Assembly282
RPC 45Pump Assembly141
RPC 45Gearbox Assembly (Driven)21
RPC 45Gearbox Assembly (Driver)22
RPC 60Pump Assembly141
RPC 60Gearbox Assembly (Driven)21
RPC 60Gearbox Assembly (Driver, Up To 11th June 2007)21
RPC 60Gearbox Assembly (Driver, From 11th June 2007)21
RPC 35Pump Assembly141
RPC 35Gearbox Assembly (Driven)21
RPC 35Gearbox Assembly (Driver)22
RPC 55Pump Assembly141
RPC 55Gearbox Assembly (Driven)21
RPC 55Gearbox Assembly (Driver)21
AFS 350Main Assembly91
Compact XWater Bottle Kit231
Midi 20-110D (PAN)Valve Assembly131
Midi 20-140 (PAN)Valve Assembly71
Major 20-140X (PAN)Valve Assembly71
Major 20-160X (PAN)Valve Assembly71
Major 30-140 (PAN)Valve Assembly131
RPC 30Gearbox Assembly (Driven)132
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Vibrator Unit91
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Water Bottle Kit (UK Only)102
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Vibrator Unit21
PCEL 320 (w)Vibrator Unit91
PCX12/36 - 13/40 (w)Water Bottle Kit201
RTX RammersHonda GX100 & GXR120 Engine Assembly341
RTX RammersHonda GX120 Engine Assembly251
RTX RammersLeg Assembly (RTX50 & 60)161
RTX RammersLeg Assembly (RTX 66, 68, 70, 74 & 80D)161
PCEL 400EVibrator Unit91
Major 20-140XValve Assembly71
Major 20-160XValve Assembly71
Major 30-140Valve Assembly131
Midi 20-110DValve Assembly131
Midi 20-140Valve Assembly71
RPC 30RPC 30 Recommended Spare Parts List2
RTX RammersRTX Rammers Recommended Spare Parts List3
PCLX 12/40EVibrator Assembly91
PCX 17/50AVibrator Unit111
PCLX 16/45EVibrator Assembly111
PCX 60AVibrator Assembly21
RPX 35Gearbox Assembly 1 (Up To Serial No. 161205099049)502
RPX 35Gearbox Assembly 2 (Up To Serial No. 161205099049)501
PCX 16/45 & 16/50Vibrator Unit111
BulldogValve Assembly141
RPX 35Gearbox Assembly 1 (From Serial No. 161205099050)482
RPX 35Gearbox Assembly 2 (From Serial No. 161205099050)482
Minimix 150Gearbox Assembly (From Oct 04)161
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