4/1202 - Spring Washer

Stockcode 4/1202
Description Spring Washer
Tech NoteM12
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
MPC 300Main Assembly272
MPC 300Main Assembly552
RPC 30Frame Assembly (Up To 030036)36
RPC 30Frame Assembly (From 030037)72
RPC 30Baseplate Assembly128
RPC 45Baseplate Assembly146
RPC 45Frame Assembly (From Serial No. 030508)94
RPC 45Frame Assembly (Up To Serial No. 030507)164
RPC 60Engine & Drive Kit - Hatz55
RPC 35Baseplate Assembly144
RPC 35Frame Assembly164
RPC 55Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)55
BWR 650Roller Unit58
BWR 650Roller Unit1912
BWR 650Roller Unit2712
BWR 750Roller Unit58
BWR 750Roller Unit1912
BWR 750Roller Unit2712
BWR 650Frame Unit38
BWR 750Frame Unit38
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Lister) (Up To July 2002)472
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Lister) (From July 2002)473
Porto ScreedExtending Beams22
Pro ScreedPetrol Option161
1600 Series Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelHandle Assembly (Pro Tilt)251
Lightweight Pro / Pro Tilt TrowelsGuard Ring Assembly62
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelGuard Ring Assembly141
MS 500 Bench SawPetrol Engine51
Ranger 450Frame Assembly201
Ranger 450Axle Assembly116
Diamond Headed GrinderMain Assembly264
Diamond Headed GrinderDrive Guard Assembly32
Diamond Headed GrinderElectric Build144
PRM GrinderYanmar Build Kit101
PRM GrinderYanmar Build Kit141
PRM GrinderHatz Build Kit101
PRM GrinderHatz Build Kit141
Premier TEngine Assembly143Lister
RTX RammersGearbox Assembly (RTX66, 68 70, 74 & 80D)264
RTX RammersGearbox Assembly (RTX50 & 60)264
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerChassis Assembly1024
TDX 650 AChassis & Vibrator Assembly2124
TDX 650 ABedplate Assembly286
TDX 650 ADrum Assembly231
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerDrum Assembly238
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerDrum Assembly313From 01117
TDX 650 ADrum Assembly313From Serial No. 01117
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