02.0.014 - Setscrew M6 X 20 Ht Bzp

Stockcode 02.0.014
Description Setscrew M6 X 20 Ht Bzp
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
PCLX 320 - 400Bedplate & Front Cover (Up to 101216)252
RPC 30Handle Assembly86
RPC 45Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)293
RPC 35Engine & Drive Kit (Hatz)293
Easy Screed ProMain Assembly (Up To December 2004)651
Ride-On TrowelMovement Assembly272
Cutlass SawMain Assembly743
Ranger SawMain Assembly313
Ranger SawDrive Assembly694
Thunderbird 8Main Assembly503
Thunderbird 8Main Assembly603
PCLX 320 - 400 (w)Bedplate & Front Cover (Up to 101216)252
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