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Belle Warrior - Bringing Wheelbarrows into the 21st century

Belle Warrior - Bringing Wheelbarrows into the 21st century


According to English archival and French pictorial sources the wheelbarrow rolled onto medieval construction sites in the early 13thcentury and nothing has really changed until Now!

Traditionally with a life span that is measured in weeks not months, before being discarded to rust in a corner thus blighting our environment; current wheelbarrows prove an abysmal return on investment

Badly designed; imported product does not meet the requirements of UK contractors and landscapers and usually offers less efficient solutions to a basic site requirement for moving material through smaller tray sizes

Altrad Belle; as part of Europe’s largest wheelbarrow manufacturer has now provided an innovative solution for all contractors & hirers with their Belle Warrior which features:-

  • Indestructible High Density Polyethylene 100 litre Tray offers low noise loading of bricks and other materials and is ideal for urban use where noise can be a problem; as well as facilitating a quick & easier cleaning of usually stubborn materials such as concrete and asphalt
  • Ergo metrically designed this wheelbarrow meets the build profile of the UK contractor by having an adjustable wheel plate for better balance, thus preventing common “back strain”
  • Heavy Duty & Reinforced Electro Plated Frame offers longevity by preventing corrosion and frame failure through overloading; a common problem on standard barrows
  • Environmentally friendly “Never Run Flat” tyres that comply 100% with REACH legislation in relationship to material composition offer the ultimate solution to the previously unavoidable puncture providing the optimal footprint under load to replicate a pneumatic tyre
  • Needle bearings in the wheel ensure ease of operation over the toughest site conditions
  • Unprecedented One Year Warranty  from the No.1 Supplier of Light Construction Equipment gives total assurance on a quality product

For more information on the Belle Warrior, click here.