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Belle's Broad Appeal - BMD 300

Belle's Broad Appeal - BMD 300


We are pleased to report that our BMD 300 MiniDumper continues to be popular with a broad range of hirers, from nationals such as Brandon, Speedy and A-Plant, to independants like Gem Tool Hire and Hutton Hire and Supplies.

The machine has a payload capacity of 300kg and various attachments can be fitted to increase its versatility and hire potential.

Monumental masons have used the dumper with a FlatBed to facilitate transportation of headstones at cemeteries, and caravan parks find the towing hitch useful for moving caravans. Extra-Wide tyres can be fitted to enable the machine to negotiate softer ground without damage, and ramps are available to aid discharging the contents of the hopper into a skip.

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