Childrens Wheelbarrow

Lightweight, sturdy wheelbarrow for the youngest do-it-yourselver of the family.

Fort Cosmo Range

Home, Garden, Agricultural and Equestrian usage

A lightweight barrow for use in the garden and around the home. Able to carry leaves, grass, sand, hay, straw, compost, soil and other light materials. Available in a range of colours.

Fort Rancher TK-100

Home and Garden usage

Heavy-duty barrow for any type of chore in the garden and around the home. Can carry heavy building materials, stones, tiles etc. and is very easy and light to use.

Fort PEX-160

Horticultural and Equestrian usage

Farming barrows for use in large gardens, nurseries, riding schools or other agricultural applications. Carries any type of matieral including manure, hay etc.

Fort Display Stands

We don't just sell wheelbarrows - we help retailers sell our wheelbarrows

We know that our success is intricately tied to yours. That is why we have developed a range of retail solutions that maximize returns and optimize presentation. Our merchandising systems are designed to suit garden centers, hardware stores and large DIY retailers.