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BHB Hydraulic Breakers

High performance hydraulic breakers

Sturdy and reliable Breakers designed for working together with Altrad Belle Hydraulic Power Packs. The handheld Breakers are available in many different sizes with varying impact energies and commonly used tool sizes.

Breaker Steels

Range of Breaker Steels

Large variety of Breaker Steels for use with the Belle Group BHB Breakers. Options to suit all types of demolition jobs including Moil Point, Chisel, Digging Spade, Tarmac Cutter and Rammer pad.


A BRAND NEW efficient, portable on site power source that is 12% more compact but with the same market leading performance. Comes with integrated Power On-Demand (POD) system and more powerful engine than the standard market equivalent.

HDC 350 Disc Cutter

The Altrad Belle HDC Hydraulic Disc Cutter uses Hydraulic direct drive power (free from chain drive) to maintain constant cutting speeds and torque without belts, pulleys, excessive noise or exhaust fumes.

HPP Hydraulic Power Packs

A portable and efficient on site power source

A portable and efficient on site power source, offering excellent power to weight ratio. Hydraulic power packs are 3 times more efficient than typical pneumatic systems and come with integrated Power On-Demand (POD) system.

Hydraulic Water Pump

High performance hydraulic breakers

Submersible hydraulic pump Submersible Hydraulic water pump with great capacity for removal of water from building sites and trenches.

Belle CleanBelle Clean

Concrete Dissolver

BELLE-CLEAN is an acid alternative with no odours or fumes. It attacks the Portland in cement, completely dissolving the hardened cement to a mushy substance that is completely rinseable with cold water. BELLE-CLEAN can be used to remove cured cement, concrete, mortar, grout or render off any surface. For use on : Mixers, Trowels, Screeds, Pokers, Floats, Cement trucks, Block splitters, Saws, Patios, Wooden decks, Vehicles and much more...