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Colourful ALTRAD Belle Barrows

Colourful ALTRAD Belle Barrows

Colourful ALTRAD Belle Barrows

ALTRAD Belle’s MD Ray Neilson was eager to show off the New CEX160 two wheeled barrow, which will be available in what the company describes as subtle Lavender or Traditional Green.

Its 160-litre capacity means it can carry almost twice as much as a standard barrow, making it suitable for carrying large loads of material from gardening tasks or cleaning stables.

Having two wheels adds stability to the barrow, which can be stood on end for storage. It is made from high density polypropylene (HDPE) for low weight and durability.

ALTRAD Belle also promoted Fort Flex puncture-proof tyres that can be fitted to the company’s barrows.

UK & Eire Sales Manager, Bob Williams, told EHN that hirers are also purchasing them for use on generators and other site equipment.


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